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Crisis line 541-247-7600
Toll free crisis line 1-800-447-1167 


Oasis Shelter Home, Incorporated, is an emergency shelter for adult and child victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Oasis was founded as a result of a grass roots effort dedicated to establishing a haven for victims of family violence in Curry County, Oregon, population 22,000. The mission of Oasis states: “Through shelter, advocacy, and education, we empower victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and resulting homelessness, to achieve a life free from abuse.”

The shelter, which has been housing victims since 1995, has 15 beds, 2 full bathrooms, 2 laundry rooms and a playroom complete with toys and games and is the only emergency shelter between Coos Bay, Oregon and Crescent City, California, a 150 mile stretch. Oasis operates a toll free ‘hot line’ which is listed on the National Directory of Domestic Violence Shelters and receives crisis calls from across the U.S. Oasis also provides Outreach Services to victims and survivors. Outreach and in-shelter services include: children’s programs; peer support groups; educational classes; assistance with restraining orders, housing forms and other documents; distribution of food boxes and donated items; and transportation to court and other appointments.


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